About the Books

A Perfect Companion is a collection of five stories meant to give readers a good time. The stories are of varying topics. There are pirates, terrorists, sea storms, fantasy, and of course, women.

Intended to make readers feel good and relax, there are no hidden messages and social implications planted in the stories. They’re just good, old-fashioned adventures that will interest readers of different ages.

Vengeance Plus is an action-adventure novel that tells the story of United States Marine Corps Sergeant, Thomas Perkins. Perkins is set to fight ISIS—a notorious terrorist group.

What could happen in this confrontation? What could one little American soldier do that would effect a crack in the ISIS unit of 130 men, all with the latest arms and equipment?

Yes, They Do-“Gang Aft Agley!" is a true and poignant account of the author’s life in the army from July 1939 to April 1944.

The events recorded in this book lead up to the author’s landing on Utah Beach during the invasion of Normandy by the Allied Forces in World War II.